April 30th 2013


R-JTAG soon to be released, will give instant to 10 second boot times for all xbox 360 PHATS. More info coming soon.



Feb. 13th 2013


LT Ultimate and Xecuter liteon 1175 16D5S now available for purchase.


If you are looking to get it intalled in your xbox 360 we can do it for you.




According to some EDGE sources, Microsoft’s next console will require an Internet connection in order to functionruling out a second-hand game market for the platform.

It looks like a new iteration of Xbox Live will be an integral part of Microsoft’s next console, while improved Kinect hardware will also ship alongside the unit...

Here are the details:

Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console have told us that although the next Xbox will be absolutely committed to online functionality, games will still be made available to purchase in physical form. Next Xbox games will be manufactured on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs, Microsoft having conceded defeat to Sony following its ill-fated backing of the HD-DVD format. It is believed that games purchased on disc will ship with activation codes, and will have no value beyond the initial user.

Our source has also confirmed that the next Xbox’s recently rumoured specs are entirely accurate. That means an AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. As of now, the console’s hard drive capacity is said to be undecided, but Microsoft’s extended commitment to online delivery suggests that it will be the largest unit it has put inside a console to date.

Though the architectures of the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation both resemble that of PCs, several development sources have told us that Sony’s solution is preferable when it comes to leveraging power. Studios working with the next-gen Xbox are currently being forced to work with only approved development libraries, while Sony is encouraging coders to get closer to the metal of its box. Furthermore, the operating system overhead of Microsoft’s next console is more oppressive than Sony’s equivalent, giving the PlayStation-badged unit another advantage.

Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft is continuing to invest heavily in motion-control interfaces, and a new, more reliably responsive Kinect will also ship alongside the next Xbox. Sony’s next-generation console camera system is said to have a similar set of features, and is expected to be discussed at the company’s PlayStation event on February 20.
There you have it. Of course that this is still a rumor. However, considering how close we are to a possible console reveal, all the above could actually be accurate. 

So, what do you think of this?


Following the above report, retailer GameStop shares fell close to 7% on Wednesday, according to Forbes.


EDGE has published another article, backing up their previous claims and explaining what does Microsoft's always-on Xbox means for the PlayStation 4...

You’ve got to admire Microsoft’s bravery. News that its next Xbox could shut out the second-hand games market has caused strong reactions across social media today, and it has impacted upon the real world too. GameStop’s share price took a dent following the publication of our story earlier this afternoon.

If our sources are correct (and we’re confident they are), Microsoft has made the move that publishers and developers have been asking for. Microsoft’s next Xbox will do what Steam and the App Store have been doing for years, and very successfully, too – a download-first, one profile, one purchase, one storefront system. Overnight, it’ll stop GameStop and GAME from selling on games without a penny heading back to its publisher, let alone its creator.


Microsoft has also, rather more sensibly, surmised that the kind of consumer happy to pay for a next-generation console is going to have a decent internet connection. It is not a portable device; there’s little harm in keeping the next Xbox connected, as long as the next iteration of Xbox Live is implemented in the right way. Past experiences with always-on services have been disappointing – just ask Ubisoft and Blizzard – but that’s current generation technology. Microsoft must take note of its contemporaries’ mistakes and make its always-on Xbox service as unobtrusive as it can.


What’s trickier for Microsoft is in explaining its decision when faced with Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 4. Walk into a game retailer (should you be able to find one by the time these consoles arrive) and the choice could be simple: PlayStation 4 is more powerful, and plays second-hand games. One can imagine how fruitful a call between Kaz Hirai and Don Mattrick might have been had they both agreed to take the same measures against second-hand sales.

Based on our sources’ information, we are building an ever clearer picture of what PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox will be. Right now, there seems to be a subtle role reversal happening; Microsoft’s stricter, more complex box aspires to be the complete entertainment superhub PS3 was once designed to be. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is more PC-like and developer-friendly, as Xbox once was.

What hasn’t changed is the logistical challenge of launching a home console. We understand that PS4 will reach the US and Japan by the end of this year, with European territories to follow after Christmas, just as PS3 did. What Microsoft might stand to lose in halting the second-hand market, it could gain if it manages to launch its new console globally before PS4.


Dec 20th 2012


C4E’s BurnerMAX Payload Tool v0.15 has been released.


No need to flash your drive to burn GDX3 games etc. and works with many many different drives as it clones the firmware.


Available for download here


Official release of the BurnerMAX Payload Tool - works with most MTK chipset based DVD burners (Liteon etc)


- No need to flash burner firmware. Delivers a realtime payload to increase capacity of DVD+R DL discs to support XGD3


- Support for stock iHas B, C, and D burners, all makes and models

- Support for many of the Liteon iHAS Clones

- Supports many other mnodels such as ASUS, Samsung, Pioneer and many others

- Supports many Liteon and Samsung USB External Burners

- Supports many Liteon IDE Burners

- Supports any disc burning software - we recommend iMGBURN

How it Works

Load your favorite burning software. Insert your blank DVD+R DL disc. Send the BurnerMAX Payload. Re-select your drive in the burner software and the capacity will be increased.

You will need to send the BurnerMAX Payload evertime you insert a blank DVD+R DL disc.


Special vendor specific commands are sent to examine in realtime the drives custom registers, searching for specific DVD+R DL blank media capacity and layer capacity parameters.


If found these registers are modified using another set of vendor specific commands.


Due to the use of stock firmware and different burner makes and models, any settings the burner has play a more important role.


For iHas burners B, C and D, recommended settings are


Force Hypertuning - Enabled
Online Hypertung - Disabled
Smartburn - Enabled
Overspeed - Enabled
OPC history - Do not clear


Results may vary depending on hardware and disc brand.

Verbatim DVD+R DL (Singapore Manufactured) Blank Discs are recommended for best results.


I would like to wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year - many more goodies are coming......

Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.

Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this project.



Dec 16th 2012




Nov 5th 2012


Black ops2 has been leaked online at your local torrent sites


All you lucky jtag\RGH owners get to play first, the rest of you dont do anything dum like try to play on the game on xbox live before it is released. Then cry about getting banned. LOL


Support the artist buy the game. ;)


October 30th 2012


RGH is now possible on 2.0.15572.0, 2.0.15574.0, and 2.0.16197.0 dashboards on Trinity, corona V1, and corona V2 (4gb) mainboards (slim xbox 360's)


Corona V3 mainboard can also be glitched



October 7th 2012


1175 LT+ 3.0 development complete, Testing now begining shortly.


JUNE 12th 2012


Dashboard update 2.0.15572.0 read more here


May 11th 2012


TX DemoN which will allow PHAT and SLIM Xbox 360's to have Dual nand.


So switch from Original xbox live safe nand, to RGH\JTAG nand. ;)


First batch is off the production line and being shipped to TESTERS.


Also Coolrunner rev C. which adds RGH2 support with extra switches.


Coolrunner 2 to be released soon to support Coronna mainboard. Expect 1175 drives firmware to be released at the same time most likely.


DemoN will be an option once we have it you will be able to add to any Premodded xbox 360 system we sell.


April 29th 2012


Corona has been defeated by team-xecuter. The console can now be RHG'd.


More news to be released soon. ;)


April. 24th 2012


More progress has been made on 1175 slim drives. Drives are now able to be put into vendor mode.


There will be a new soft\hardware mode to do so and to gain access to the key and flash the drives.


Visit often as more info is released.


Feb. 26 2012


All PHAT consoles have been succesfully RGH (jtagged)


Xenon's are still unreliable just like the zephyr's. Work is being done to make it as stable as possible.


-Hack now works on new CB's (14717/14719 update)
-Hack now works with all Refurbished Split CB's (4577, 5772, 6752)
- Zephyr CB 4577, 4575
- Falcon/Opus CB 5772, 5773
- Jasper CB 6752, 6753
- Trinity (Slim) CB 9230


Work continues on Corona and alot of progress has been made.


More news coming soon. ;)



Feb. 18th 2012


Live log complete on 2.0.14712.0 same checks, no changes.


Feb. 17th 2012


Dashboard update 2.0.14717.0 is updating the CB on Phat and Slim xbox 360's.


This prevents the console from being RGH (jtagged).


Good news is that the slim has already been RGH on 2.0.14717.0 and the necessary files to do so will be released soon since the CB update was anticipated for both consoles.


Work continues for the phats along with xenon consoles. ;)


Feb. 15th 2012


Team xecuter finalizing J-Runner app and Xecuter DemoN (Dual nand).


Also progress is being made on 1175fw, Xenon RGH, Corona RGH and 6752 CB .



Feb. 14th 2012


Dashboard update 2.0.14717.0 being deployed over different regions.


As usual always a good idea to wait to update so we can analyze the firmware to see if it affects LT+ 3.0.


Comment if you have updated and the results.


Jan. 16th 2012


LT+ 3.0 RELEASED FOR XBOX 360 SLIM LITEON DRIVES 0272/0225/0401/1071


Jan. 15th 2012













LT+ 3.0 FOR SLIM 0272



LT+ 3.0 for slim 0272 is confirmed working, booting AP2.5/XGD3 games perfectly.





Getting closer to the release of the new abgx360. Which is now in testing phase. According to c4eva, version 1.0.6 will support the patching of AP25 topology data and XGD3 ISOs/backups verification.



December 24th update --->




PHAT Benq and Liteon LT+ 3.0 RELEASED


Support for topology data on AP25 enabled titles. Will correctly answer any ap25 challenge eliminating need for dae.bin to create a backup.


No need to make new backups everytime dae.bin is updated on console



UPDATE END<-------



LT+ 2.0 B released for Hitachi 79 drives





December 6th dashboard update NOW 2.0.14699.0


Another Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview update now at 2.0.14699.0 . If anything is found wil update. ;)




LT+ 2.01 in testing for HITACHI 79 drives




LT+ 2.0 released for HITACHI, FIX INCOMING FOR 79


Hitach LT+ 2.0 was released on the 26th. Some users reporting E66 errors etc. with 79 drives.


Fix is incoming. ;)


LT+ 3.0 to be released after December 6th


Microsofts Major Nelson has announced December 6th as the official release date for the final version of the fall 2011 dash update.


Once the update is released the team will be able to analyze the update to make sure no additional changes are need for LT + 3.0 ;)


LT+ 2.0 is still supposed to be released for hitachi drives as they do not do AP2.5 checks anyways (except 78/79 versions)







Thanks to the recent silent DAE update he has been able to discover how to hit DAE/AP25 with the “Silver Bullet” and has developed iXtreme LT 3.0 which defeats DAE/AP2.5 reliance COMPLETELY.


A new FW and a new version of XBC will be released to get you up and running again in no time.


We can also confirm that C4E has finished the Hitachi LT 2.0 fw (pre 78/79 not affected by DAE/AP25) and will be releasing that as soon as its gone through final testing.


You heard it here first, second, third etc.....



Although it’s early stages, c4eva has successfully completed several tests which validate this new method and classified his solution as the “silver bullet” for AP2.5.


Rather than using captured challenge results each time the dae.bin changes, the new method builds a complete set of profile data for each disc and works for all AP2.5 challenges, regardless of how the dae.bin is changed.


As a result, the format of backup ISOs will be changing as the AP25 replay sector will no longer be included and the profile data will instead take its place.


Though c4eva noted that it will take some development time as it’s not a quick fix, both he and the team will now be putting their full efforts behind bringing this solution to life in the form of new versions of iXtreme LT+, Xbox Backup Creator, and abgx360.



Get your AP2.5/XGD3 backups working again after the silent DAE update



The recent silent DAE update stopped all AP2.5 / XGD3 backups from booting. Until a solid solution is released, here is a simple workaround


Thanks to Dattran over at for discovering this simple work around.


For this example we are going to use MW3.


1. Get a USB flash drive, At least 1GB in size and format it (FAT)


2. Insert into Xbox and goto memory devices. Select USB and configure it as a storage device.


3. Download the this MW3 Title Update. Click here.


4. Download Horizon (Great game modding app btw – JTAG / Glitchers should be using the shit out of this – you can use other apps but this is my tool of choice). Click here


5. Select Tools > Device Explorer



6. Plug in USB device to PC


7. Device will be detected. Select Inject File


8. Load the the MW3 TU that you downloaded.


9. Connect the USB stick to your Xbox. Restart and boot your MW3 backup.

Notes: You may have to delete the system cache after every time you do a fresh boot of the game. But hey, it works.


You can get other title updates from here:


All title updates


Nothing is ever live safe. It may work, it may not. I’m not your mom make your own choice.


Please report if you have any success / links to TU’s / better methods.

News Source: &

While this is a temporary measure, we can tell you there is something far more solid and far more golden that is in the works. Stay tuned 


Also you should ignore lame groups who copy C4′s work and then proclaim that his CFW doesn’t work correctly.


These guys would have NOTHING without C4′s firmware. Ask the ODDE boys why they don’t have hacks for the Hitachi 0500 or the DG-16D5S – yet a few days after C4 will release those these emulator guys will “miraculously” have their own solution. Innovation is great – but don’t don’t bite the hand that feeds you – and don’t be lame and give credit where its due.






As many of you are now aware there has been a major update regarding AP2.5 / XGD3 backups. A silient DAE update has casued all backups to stop working. Seacrest over at posted this official response from the team:


DAE.bin is being silently updated through Xbox Live with an additional challenge table! This happens on the current public dashboard version 2.0.13604.0 and there is no confirmation dialog or any known means to prevent it besides disconnecting your console from the internet.

If your DAE.bin has already been silently updated, AP25 backups that are patched with current AP25 replay data will fail the normal AP25 challenges outright! Note that all XGD3 games use AP25.


Use your originals if you want to play on Xbox Live.

*Update* More about this. We have several meetings about this in the last 24 hours with C4 and the rest of the team.


First and foremost, a warning. At this current time it is advised that you stay offline and avoid playing any AP2.5/XGD3 backups. It has been confirmed by the team that the dae.bin is now being silently updated on all LIVE-connected boxes.


This update is not being deployed via a SystemUpdate or TitleUpdate, but rather occurs in the background without any visual indication or prompt to the user. As such, there is no means by which it can be cancelled or avoided, other than not connecting to LIVE. If you’ve connected to LIVE in the past 24 hours, your system has likely already been updated with a changed DAE.bin.


All AP2.5/XGD3 backups that contain the now older AP25 replay data will fail the system’s AP2.5 challenges and indeed flag your system (the flagging has also been confirmed by the team).


Like our news a few days ago, the DAE.bin is now being changed by way of an appended challenge table in the same manner on current retail dashes (13604) as it is on the preview dash (14686), however the content of the challenge tables differ. The team has determined that the appended challenge table appears to be unique per console and contains identifying information. This means that everyone’s DAE.bin is different, and can potentially be traced back to your specific console. Therefore, sharing your DAE.bin with others is not advisable.

Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14692.0) — Dae.bin Challenge Table Activated


Today, Microsoft began rolling out SystemUpdate v2.0.14692.0 to all Xbox 360′s registered in the Fall 2011 Dash Preview program. Although the dae.bin changed in the initial v2.0.14686.0 preview update, its appended challenge was not active, which accounts for why participants were still able to play AP2.5/XGD3 backups. With SU 14692, the previously dormant challenge table has now been activated, and all AP2.5/XGD3 backups containing outdated AP25 replay data will fail the system’s AP2.5 challenges and result in a failure flag. This now means that all LIVE-connected users on both the current 13604 retail dash and 14692 preview dash are faced with the same situation, and needless to say, are still advised to avoid playing any AP2.5/XGD3 backups.


So with that said, looks like the challenges where just not activated for 13604, and once connected to live they are. Meaning possibility that the challenge table is not changed on the fly at will but rather time based. ;)


Instead it is a sneak attack to get you by suprise. Nice.





Microsoft is finally stepping up there game. The dea.bin is now being auto updated once you connect to live and looks to be console specific.


This means each console will have to pass specific AP2.5 challenges. This can also be updated on the fly.


If you are on live do not connect so you can continue to play backups, the teams are working on a solution.


FAT Hitachi and samsung drives are not affected because they cannot do AP2.5 checks anyways. ;)


X360KEY and Wasabi etc. are also affected.


Also unmodded xbox 360's are also affected by this, so there may be a roll back.



November 4th 2011 UPDATE


Phat Hitachi LT+ 2.0 now in testing, release is soon.


October 28th UPDATE


LT+ 2.01 for samsung and iXtreme burner max for Liteon IHAS burners has been released.


Was released a few days ago. Forgot to update. ;)


October 19th UPDATE


The team behind fbBuild now released ggBuild which will now allow you to boot a hacked 360 kernel (13599/13604) with the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) – in other words, you will now be able to run XDK-homebrew (xex unsigned code) with the RGH:



It’s a new hack, congrats to gligli and co.


What’s New:


slim/fat glitch hack support for 13599/13604

ability to build clean/retail images (v7371+) with -retail flag on command line

ability to patch clean smc if required for glitch reset (limited to those in imgbuild python script)

power boots patched dash, eject boots xell-gggggg.bin

todo: remove fcrt.bin requirements from glitched kernel

todo: virtual fuses for glitched kernel

todo: verify glitched kernel is working on zephyr


Current Limitations:

- STAY THE HELL OFF LIVE! Nuff said, we’re not you’re mum.





October 18th UPDATE



Samsung TS-H943 LT+ 2.01 is in progress to fix XGD3 discs support


Also the dvd burner drives to support iXtreme burner max firmware has been announced:


- Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model


- Liteon iHAS224B = 124 + LightScribe


- Liteon iHAS324B = 124 + SmartErase


- Liteon iHAS424B = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 224 + SmartErase)


- Liteon iHAS524B = 124 + LabelTag + SmartErase


- Liteon iHAS624B = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 524 + LightScribe)


It must be a revision B drive, A drives have NEC chipset and will not work with the firmware.


Verbatim MKM001 and MKM003 dual layer discs have been tested and work perfectly.


Other discs may work but your on your own for that one. ;)


These burners are inexpensive ranging from $20 - $50.


October 14th UPDATE


LT+ 2.0 not to be updated for any drive except samsung which needs a small update


Ixtreme burner max .


So with the issues of burning forza motorsport 4 a new firmware for DVD BURNERS (yes the burner in your PC, not your xbox 360) is being released.


This will allow for your burner to use the full 8.7gb 100% backups on Dual layer discs.


No need to truncate the disc and move partitions around etc. (which was done on 0800 rips of past XGD3 games)


There will be multiple firmwares released for different versions of the drive(most likely the more recent and popular ones, so if your using an old, obsolete burner you will need to upgrades, a new burner is like $30)


So another road block defeated so we can continue to make backups of are original games. ;)


Only works with verbatim discs at this time(which you should use anyways)


October 12th UPDATE


A locked slim is safe during update, no need to flash to stock


October 11th UPDATE


Another dashboard update 2.0.13604.0 from microsoft hits today. Nothing new added to the actual dashboard it seems.


So far drives are not being reflashed with this update.


As always best to wait and and let us examine the update to see what exactly is going on.


Welcome to the modding scene. ;)


October 8th UPDATE


LT+ 2.0 released for xbox 360 slim. ;)


October 6th UPDATE


LT+ 2.0 to be released for all slim liteon drives this weekend. ;)



October 2nd UPDATE


LT+ 2.0 released for Phat Liteon, BenQ & samsung drives


Slim firmware to follow soon.


Support for XGD3 ixtreme backups using LT-MAX for maximum capacity on standard DVD+R DL discs. Passes all security checks for XGD3 including correct capacity.


Sept 26th UPDATE


LT+ 2.0 is complete due to be released anytime. Renamed LT-MAX (maximum capacity). Booting all XGD3 games. ;)



c4eva Successful testing of LT 2.0 with new LT-MAX feature for DVD R DL. XGD3 ixtreme isos playing fine from DVD R DL disc and/or install to HD
E******* does this Mean we can use or regular dual layer media / burners and layer break 1913760? Or has that changed ?
c4eva regular DL media, yes!
s******** c4eva is the layer break still the same
c4eva more details soon!
c4eva normal blanks, normal burner!
c4eva XGD3=defeated! :)
c4eva LT Max=Maximum capacity!


Sept 18th update






Funny how new FSD is coming out just when the REset glitch hack is coming in full blown. Expect lots of new bells and whistles in the next few months for your Glitch xbox 360's . ;)


TeamFSD bring us something new!


 RxE is the new direction of Freestyle Dash. While RxE is a complete overhaul/rebranding of the previous dash, it still has all the great features you know and love from FSD. The RxE reincarnations of these features have all been recoded, redesigned, rethought to achieve a fast, clean, stable, and exciting experience. The Real Xbox Experience.

Below is a preview of some features:

--- Kinect Gesture and Voice integration

RxE has full support for the kinect sensor. Skeletal tracking and voice recognition
will allow you to navigate the dash with just your hands and/or your voice.

--- Private Messaging linked to 

Send messages to your friends, view your contacts, share your avatars
and even video chat. Private messaging is a communication hub for all members

--- CoverFlow

The game list has been redesigned using the popular coverflow layout. In addition
to coverflow, we're providing many other layout types, like bookshelf, catalog, and
RxeFlow- a spin off of the old FSDFlow game list layout. Beyond that, users
will be able to create their own layouts and share them.

--- Brand New Menu System

The new menu system is 100% dynamic, 100% configurable. You want your menu
to consist of 1 icon that leads to Xbox 360 Games, then go for it. You want your 
most recent game to be the default selection, then go for it. The possibilities 
are endless with the new menu system.

--- Rip DVD To God

Not only can you rip your games from DVD as an extracted package, you can also rip your
games straight to GOD if you want to have access to them NXE as well.

--- Faster File Transfers

The file manager has been recoded and redesigned. File Operations approximately 10 
times faster to both internal HDDs and USB drives.


Sept 4th Update


Dead Island will have new XGD3 copy protection. This means that if you are sporting the LT+ firmware you will be unable to play a backup of the game.


Until LT+ 2.0 is released


The original will work, also jtags can run the game no problem since it bypasses all that stuff. Purchase a jtag here


August 28th UPDATE




Currently there is no way to run signed code, ONLY Xell can be installed so you can see the CPU KEY and DVD key if it got lost.


The scene is working on getting Freestyledash etc. to run will not take long. Will let you know when possible.


That means currently NO you cant copy games, or run them from the hard drive, or XBLA games, etc.




Some interesting news about being able to JTAG slim xbox 360's and all FAT PHAT xbox 360's, which sucks for x360key if this is possible:


- will run on ANY dashboard even the SLIM's, Any mainboard.


Watch video below for proof of concept:



August 28th UPDATE


LT+ 1.92 soon to be released for SLIM xbox 360's . Corrects PLAY DVD instead of the game loading. So if you do not have that issue then dont worry about it. ;)


August 20th UPDATE


I know old news but I put it on here incase some people do not know.....


New random AP26 challenges defeated. Due to the new AP26 random challenges the safety freeze for unknown or bad AP25 data is no longer supported.


Please ensure your AP25 data is correct for the dashboard version you are using.


* No need to reburn current AP25 backups from dashboard 13146


August 12th UPDATE


We have successfully unlocked and written LT+ 1.91 to a Winbond chipset using the Geremia Kamikaze hack.


Therefore all Slim drives can be modded, without replacing the PCB.


So yes it does work. ;)


August 6th UPDATE



LT+ 1.91 and a new JungleFlasher v0.1.86 (267) released ;)



August 2nd UPDATE


More info on Geremia's hack, video showing the hack being done. We also have pics, coordinates etc. that we will show here later. We will also be trying this to confirm how well it works. THIS IS NOT FOR NOOBS. So dont complain. ;)







August 2nd UPDATE


We are told that Geremia over at xboxhacker has found a way to unlock the Winbond SPI on the DG-16D4S Liteon drives. We have heard many claims by fake teams before, but this one we would believe as Geremia is very skilled in this area.


LT+ 1.91 completed testing, to be released with new JF – AP2.6 defeated, no need to re-burn current AP2.5 titles




Hitachi and Samsung drives do not get affected by the 2.0.13599.0 update. Therefore you can still play your backups. ;)


Black Ops Booting on 2.0.13599.0 Dashboard



As you all know (or should know), the AP2.5 challenges changed dramatically with the latest dashboard (not in the dae.bin either)


Over 140+ unique challenges were logged and that wasn’t even the end of it !


Anyway after speaking to C4 this morning, he told me that he has BO booting finally with yet another new firmware hack.


Early days yet, lots of testing needed. More news soon.


July 27th UPDATE


We have successfully unlocked several MXIC equipped xbox 360 slim drives and flashed with LT+ 1.9 0225 and 9504 0227


This does not work on winbond equipped drives yet. As of right now you will need to purchase an unlocked PCB.


All of the above can be done by for you. ;)


July 21st UPDATE


Can`t process the update. if the problem persists, go to www. xbox .com / support

status code : 335A -351F -1380 -0702 -C000 - 0099



E66 error




If you have a flashed or spoofed lite on, benq, or samsung you may get an error when updating to the newest dashboard.


You should flash it back to stock, or put the original drive back in to update, then reflash your drive or put your replacement drive back.



July 20th UPDATE


Update 11:29 a.m.


Lead way has been made on unlocking MXIC flash chip, lowering the voltage to 1V has worked. ;) Thank the russians for this one.


Team xecuter has reported working on the same techique now:


All that needs to be done is lower the voltage to the chip. We change the signal from high to low, from a 1 to a 0. This tells the memcontroller that the spi is unlocked, letting us erase/write


[2011-07-20 10:12AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> russian method is promising, but more work needs to be done, team is working on it


-----> End UPDATE


LT+ 1.9 released for all slim drives


-0272 ( 9504)
-0225u (factory updated 9504 to 0225)
-0401 Support for set Spi Lock status register on:

Support to extract and patch calibration data at 0x1FF80.
In some cases 0225 may give “Play DVD” error randomly, without this data.


Released right after the udpate locks down the 9504 drive. Nice, was it planned out so you have to buy the TX PCB?


Maybe BUT there is good news, currently there is a way to do a MRA type hack on the 9504 which have the MCIX chip. will be trying this techique and reporting back in the next few days. It is also possible with the winbond chips but using different resistance values.


Therefore if you have a slim and must have it flashed then you will need the TX pcb, if your patient you may (most likely) be able to get around it.




July 19th UPDATE


UPDATED 7:27 p.m.


1. We recommend that you DO NOT update on 9504/0272 drives - they lock the spi on the chip (just like we told you they could)

2. If you insist on updating we recommend as always that you revert to stock fw (OFW) or the update might fail or you may get banned

3. If you have a spoofed drive and you update - expect to be banned. We have been telling you not to spoof for over a year now, so tough tits.

4. 9504/0272 drives updated in 0225/0401 Xbox's were NOT locked. Another proof that the unlocked PCB works perfectly and that they dont update drives where the OSIG was a locked drive.

5. The new dash 13599 updates ap2.5 challenges (this was totally expected). update if you want live. stay offline and don't update if you cant wait for new ap2.5 patches

6. The update is NOT just simply to set up some background technology for further improvements later this year. this is being investigated as we speak. Lot's discovered already !

7. Use your original AP2.5 games! Abgx will be updated eventually! (there are still the original 6 AP2.5 games - no new ones reported)

8. 0272/0225/0401 v1.9 LT+ FW is ready and will be released tonight.




13599 Dash


Update Info:Fact 1. DO NOT update on 9504/0272 - they lock the spi on the chip!! pro kit or pcb required

Fact 2. The new dash 13599 updates ap2.5 challenges. update if you want live. stay offline and dont update if you cant wait for new ap2.5 patches

Fact 3. The update is NOT just simply to set up some background technology for further improvements later this year

Fact 4. Use your original AP2.5 games! Abgx will be updated eventually!


Dashboard 2.0.13599.0 released today. It is a mandatory update. If your drive is flashed please wait to update so we can confirm what drives are affected.


So far seems that the AP2.5 has been changed again. Samsung and hitachi drives will not be affected by AP 2.5 checks so you will be able to update if your xbox 360 has those drives.


The firmware on all other drives does not get re-written, you will have to reburn the ap2.5 games using the latest update in abgx360 once it is updates. ;)


Also LT+ 1.9 for 9504 and 0225 release is imminent.(we hope)


June 20th UPDATE


New Liteon Drive Version – DG-16D4S 1071


Firmware and key extracted succesfully. Testing on new PCB. ;)


LT 1.9 final on 0225 running fine on new pcb, just ensuring fw flash code/status is good!


We may see 1.9 for slim released in June. ;)


June 14th UPDATE 8:53 a.m. EST


LT 1.9 for Sammy,Benq and Phat Liteon have been released!!!!


Support AP2.5 backups and XGD3 originals.


All AP2.5 titles will need to be re-patched as the DAE tables have been updated.


A new version of BENQ 0800 with AP2.5 Support and a new ABGX will follow shortly.



June 10th UPDATE


All Liteon LT + 1.9 complete and ready for release no bugs during testing.


Benq firmware next to be released. Benq firmware in testing.


Confirmed all slim drives LT + 0225,9504 and 0401 LT+ complete and working. One more week before release.


June 3rd Update


LT+ v1.9 completed and in testing for Liteon phat.


0225 and 0401 drives to have EZ-FIT no solder kit to enable writting to the drive for $75 for people looking to do there own modding.


Sudburymods will offer 0225\0401 flashing at a lower price.



May 31st UPDATE


LT+ v 1.9 to be released first. LT+ 1.9 will not support XGD3 backups (will be on newer games being released later this year).


Originals will run fine, all other backups will work as normal.


LT+ 2.0 to follow later on to support XGD3 backups. Lt+ 2.0 most likely to be released for slim drives first.



May 20th UPDATE


Taken from team-xecuter


For many weeks a dedicated team has been hard at work in preparation for the release of the new dash which started to roll out today (2.0.13146).


Although we have been publicly quiet in recent weeks, work has been ferocious with a large group of talented, and very well known scene individuals, busting their asses to make sure that the work of the 360 scene keeps on rolling.


So now that the rollout has started, the team can actually start to implement much of the work into releases for public consumption.


Here are some things of note so you have a clue of what’s coming:


- After the update the drive fw is also updated with a new stock fw, rendering the drive unable to play backups (for now).

- When the drives are flashed back again with LT fw the previous AP2.5 patched titles are no longer booting (expected and will be updated with new XBC and 0800)

- It seems that the first update has only been sent to Liteon DG-16D2S and Liteon DG-16D4S drives (Unconfirmed)

- The key location on phat models is now in a different area, so a new JF will be released to accommodate this change which was already anticipated in advance.

- There has been EXTENSIVE progress with all the new AP2.5 challenges. New 0800 BENQ fw is almost ready.

- There is a new XBC (Xbox Backup Creator) that has been designed alongside the new 0800 ripping fw – you’ll love it :)

-There will be new LT fw’s for all of the new versions that have been released.

- XGD3 progress is being made and there will be an update on this soon.

We have received unverified reports that after the update to a 9504 slim drive the write protect was enabled like the 0225 drives (Unconfirmed)

All the slim key read and slim write routines have changed also (again fully anticipated). Easily fixed with new JF


We will also confirm that we have a solution to unlock all 0225 drives so you can write the firmware. This has been 100% verified and working and we are producing the addons as we speak and will have them available as soon as possible.


We will release 2 versions, a kit for pro modders to offer as a service and also a DIY mod type device that users can install themselves.


There is a LOT going on so we are working as fast as possible on all projects.


So in the next few days/weeks you can expect new Lt firmwares for 0225 and others, a new Jungle Flasher, a new 0800 fw with new Ap2.5 support, a new Xbox Backup Creator and an addon to unlock 0225 and 0401 Liteon DG-14DS drives (which will also work on 9504 drives too if they become locked out)




If your xbox 360 has been flashed or the drive has been replaced, or you purchased an XBOX 360 from you must read the following about the new dashboard update to avoid errors.


Do not update your xbox 360 to the new 2.0.13146.0 dashboard that will be released on the 19th of May.


The new update flashes the drive so that it will support the new disc format. So you will no longer be able to read backups until your drive is reflashed.


It is especially important not to update if your drive has been replaced, or your xbox 360 does not have its original drive. It may damage the drive, and your xbox 360 will get an error and you will be unable to use it.


Therefore you must send us your Xbox 360 Serial # to or which you can get by going to:


- System Settings

- Console settings

- System information


This way we can tell what drive you have, and if it is safe for you to update.


IF you are able to update and you do, you will no longer be able to read backups of your games as the firmware gets replaced. Once the LT+ 2.0 is released for your drive you will be able to bring your system in to get updated.


If you update your console without contacting us first we cannot repair the console under warranty. There will be a charge to repair the drive and\or xbox 360!


All systems with lifetime warranty, and free firmware upgrades will be upgraded to the new firmware when availabel for free under the warranty.


If there is damage to the xbox 360 or the drive from updating without contacting us first or after we told you not to. There will be a fee for the repairs.


May 12th UPDATE


Spring 2011 Dashboard Update Adds Paypal, Avatar Kinect & XGD3 - Drops May 19


In this past week, Xbox users were able to stream content via the new Hulu+ app added in the dashboard.


In the next week, they will be allowed to do even more as Microsoft will release the long awaited Spring 2011 dashboard update to users everywhere. The new dashboard will be rolled out between May 19 and May 30. Here is what Microsoft is planning with this update.


Support of the XGD3 Disc Format


The main underlying feature of the new dashboard will be the support of the XGD3 disc format. As you know, the new format increases the disc size on dual layer discs but extends on the anti-piracy methods that Microsoft will implement.


In order to support the new disc format, the new dashboard update will be flashing new firmware updates to DVD drives. If you have a drive with an iXtreme firmware flashed, you may fail the update. However, c4eva is already on it with the upcoming LT 2.0 firmwares


Paypal Added As A Payment Option


After the new update, users will be able to link and use the funds from their Paypal accounts to make payments through the console. With this, there's no need to dump the funds needed to your account, wait a few days, withdraw the money, go to the store ... you know the deal.


Avatar Kinect on May 27


Although not part of the dashboard update, Avatar Kinect will be available on May 27. Like the name suggests, Avatar Kinect uses the Kinect to animate your avatar in the chatrooms available through this app.

This is all that Microsoft has provided. Of course, if you value your Xbox with an iXtreme firmware, don't update to the new dashboard until it is confirmed safe to do so. If you decide to jump the gun, then you are on your own if you collect flags, bans and/or bricks along the way. We'll keep you updated as time goes on.





March 17th UPDATE


X360 USB PRO has arrived at, stay tuned for official release of slim firmware. Pre purchase your xbox 360 slim console or purchase Lifetime free firmware upgrades for your xbox 360 slim





February 5th UPDATE will be flashing Xbox 360 slim with LT+ at the end of february, all xbox 360 slim drives will be able to read backups.


If you are interested in getting free lifetime firrmware upgrades visit are XBOX 360 SLIM FLASHING page.




Dec. 25th UPDATE



Official release of the

iXtreme LT+ for Hitachi

(FAT Models)

- Supports AP25 backups for Hitachi 78,79

- Other Hitachis (32,36,40,46,47,58,59) updated to conform to LT spec

- Optimised PFI code to accomodate AP25 SS data
- Defeats current AP25 protection

- Protects console from logging AP25 violation for a period of 3 minutes, turn off/on console on black screen bootup before your 3 minutes is up

- Full disc stealth used by default

- Waveless booting , disc images are assumed to be correct!

- Split-Vid used as default


If booting an AP25 title without AP25 SS on 78 or 79 game will not boot but will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 12611 for approx 3 minutes

If LT+ encounters an unknown AP25 challenge, game will not boot but console will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 12611 for approx 3 minutes


AP25 SS are region specific for region locked games


LT+ for slim 9504 and 0225 is progressing, soon.


Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.

Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their generous support to this project.


Dec. 12th UPDATE


LT+ v1.1 for Benq &

Liteon Released Plus

Hitachi 78/79 LT+ Update

We’ve been testing this all week and finally we have support for iXtreme compatible XBOX 1 rips on LT+ Firmware – plus some other tweaks and fixes.

- LT+ v1.1 Supports Benq and Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
- Xbox 1 Backup Support (iXtreme compatible, DVD9 only)
- Improved PFI Support

Plus after much work and heavy testing, C4E has finished the LT+ for Hitachi 78 and 79 and it is confirmed that they now boot AP25 backups ! We are currently testing and hope to announce the official release shortly. There are also plans to make LT firmware for the older Hitachi drives but without Ap25 as it’s not required. LT+ for Slims is the priority at the moment.  FYI iXtreme 1.51 still works just fine with AP25 (many are still using the older Hitachi’s on XBL – however we can’t guarantee that it is XBL safe so use at your own risk).



Nov. 23rd UPDATE


Official release of C4E’s iXtreme LT+

- Supports Benq and Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)

- Optimized PFI code to accommodate AP25 SS data

- Defeats current AP25 protection

- Protects console from logging AP25 violation

- Full disc stealth used by default

- Waveless booting, disc images are assumed to be correct!

- Split-Vid used as default

If booting an AP25 title without AP25 SS game will not boot but will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 2.0.12611.0
If LT+ encounters an unknown AP25 challenge, game will not boot but console will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 2.0.12611.0

AP25 SS are region specific for region locked games (Current Example NFS: Hot Pursuit is both PAL and NTSC – 2 different AP25 Patches)


If you boot the AP25 titles without LT+ you will probably be flagged for a ban.


You cannot spoof a different model drive as that can now be detected. With this release of LT+ you HAVE to have an original Benq or Liteon.


LT+ for slim 9504 is next followed by LT+ for slim 0225


You need to patch your ISO with this AP25 data in order for the game to work with LT+ and be XBL safe.


Run ISO through latest abgx FIRST then apply the patch


Tools Required: PPF-O-Matic v3


1. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – NTSC – COMPLEX
3. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – RF – GLOBAL
4. Fable III – RF – MARVEL





Nov. 22nd UPDATE


If your drive is flashed do not run any games starting from Fable 3 and on (black ops is fine). These new games have a check called AP25 (anti-piracy). When you try to run the game it tells the drive to check for a new layer on the disc, if the drive fails which it will if you have flashed your drive it will tell you that it cannot read the disc.


When this happens it flags your xbox 360 as failling the AP25 check, which could get you banned from live.


All games older then Fable 3 are safe on Kinect dashboard 2.0.12611.0 as they do not have this layer so it cannot do this check.


Also if your xbox 360 is equipped with a samsung drive and it is the orginal drive not a spoof. (You used to have a hitachi and installed a samsung instead) it will run games with the AP25 check. And you will not get flagged as the samsung drives are unable to do the AP25 check.


All other drives are affected except for the samsung drive, Only if your xbox 360 was orginally equipped with the samsung drive.


Here is a list of games that I know of that have the AP25 check:


- Fable 3 AP25 confirmed

- Need For Speed Hot Pursuit AP25 Confirmed

- Assasins Creed AP25 Confirmed


The new LT+ firmware will bypass this check that has actually been around since the first xbox 360's where released (hitachi drives). This check has been known of since 2005.

- New AP25 checks confirmed on new dash with fable 3, LT+ coming for required drives with SSv3 and anti AP25 included!


- The new dash has real time checks. This most likely means that the samsung, benq, and liteon drives will have a firmware update to the LT+ like they are using in the slim version.


- Do not forget to run your games thru ABGX360. You where warned before hand. ;)




Use XVAL to check the status of any xbox 360 X value, see if it has failed AP25 checks or has been banned already!




v2.01 all versions†
Supports XGD3 big discs
BenQ RELEASED v3.0 all versions


v3.0 74850
Hitachi Released 2011 v2.0B all versions‡
‡versions 78/79 for AP2.5
versions 59 and lower (32, 36, 40, 46, 47, 58, 59) do not have AP2.5, but were updated to conform to LT+ standards
Slim Lite-On RELEASED v3.0 9504
Slim Lite-On RELEASED v3.0 0225
Slim 1175 IN PROGRESS V 3.0
Slim Hitachi NO ETA 0500
0800 Ripping
Full support for XGD3 and AP2.5 backup creation for upcoming LT+ v1.9/v2.0








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